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[tlug] Sorry to Hijack a thread but whats wrong with LILO

I use GRUB and LILO and to tell you the truth I would rather be caught
in an emergency with LILO than GRUB.  With GRUB it is a pain to have to
convert from the standard HDA1 to their custom and I use GRUB so
seldomly I can never get the right command when I need it--While
recovering with LILO I put in the recovery CD/Floppy and get to use the
standard commands.  To me GRUB is an annoyance! (if they would only use
the standard "HDA" and "SDA" I would be more than willing until then I'm
a pround LILO user!!!

David Blomberg
APS, CCNA, LCA, LCP, Linux+, RHCE, Server+
Nihon Libertec
Linux Enhanced Computer User

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