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Re: [tlug] Debian 3.0r1 keyboard timeout and mouse MIA

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From: "Botond Botyanszki" <>

> what's wrong with lilo ?

You say that like a person who has:

A) Never seen a machine get as far as LI and then stop, 


B) Never used grub.

LILO was a pretty good thing in its time, but its time was,
well, a long time ago.

> I got these modules loaded for my usb mouse:
> hid                    13192   0  (autoclean) (unused)
I have hid 18816 0 (unused)

> mousedev                3928   1  (autoclean)
I have mousedev 3776 0 (unused)
I also have usbmouse 1760 0 (unused)
usbmouse is listed ahead of mousedev in the lsmod
output, if that matters.

> input                   3456   0  (autoclean) [hid mousedev]
I have input 3072 0 [hid usbmouse mousedev keybdev usbkbd]

> usb-uhci               22604   0  (autoclean) (unused)
I have usb-uhci 20708 (unused)

> usbcore                58368   1  (autoclean) [hid printer usb-uhci]
I have usbcore 48032 1 [hid usbmouse usbkdb usb-uhci]

> and my (custom) usbmouse device file is:
> crw-r--r--    1 root     root      13,  32 Apr 24  2002 /dev/usbmouse

I just created one of tghese

> Also look at /proc/bus/usb/ and /proc/devices to see if input/usb related
> stuff is there.

/proc/bus/usb shows Logitech receiver x 2 (makes sense, one for kbd, one 
for mouse) and driver=keyboard and driver=hid.

/proc/devices has character devices:
13 input
180 usb

Among others, of course.

lsusb sees the mouse and keyboard.  If anybody sees anything wrong here,
please speak up.



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