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Re: [tlug] Debian 3.0r1 keyboard timeout and mouse MIA

Jonathan Byrne wrote:

> I recently took the plunge, backing up my /home and replacing my RH 7.3
> install with Debian Woody (3.0r1).

>  LILO (when, oh when, are they gonna
> stop using that?!

what's wrong with lilo ?

> the mouse doesn't work.
> It doesn't matter if I use /dev/psaux or /dev/input/mice.
> My keyboard and mouse are
> both USB.

Did you rtfm (usb howto)?
I suspect that you don't have one of the neccessary modules loaded.
I got these modules loaded for my usb mouse:
hid                    13192   0  (autoclean) (unused)
mousedev                3928   1  (autoclean)
input                   3456   0  (autoclean) [hid mousedev]
usb-uhci               22604   0  (autoclean) (unused)
usbcore                58368   1  (autoclean) [hid printer usb-uhci]

and my (custom) usbmouse device file is:
crw-r--r--    1 root     root      13,  32 Apr 24  2002 /dev/usbmouse

Also look at /proc/bus/usb/ and /proc/devices to see if input/usb related
stuff is there.

> especially being new to Debian and the Debian Way, a kick in the right
direction as to
> where to look would be much appreciated.

There is nothing debian specific with this afaik.

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