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[tlug] Self-Intro, Laptop & CD-RW question

Hello fellow TLUGgers,

I am Henri. I am a *n*x user.

Moved to Tokyo recently, hope to contribute
to this list, drink with you ppl and participate
in the TLUG activities etc..

Right now, however, I seek your enlightened advice
on the following problem.

I need to get CD write capability
for a laptop which runs Suse 8.0.

I guess I have 3 options for the hw/interface:
 1 USB  
 2 SCSI 

My experience with USB burners have been (very) poor and
I'm a bit reluctant to go that route. Although for
compatibility with other machines (win/mac) it would be good.
My superiors prefer this option, for some reason...

The SCSI option is interesting, but a bit costly, as I need a card
to operate the drive. Interesting because the drive can be plugged into
other computers with SCSI, and also other SCSI hw can be used on the
laptop. My superiors do not see these as plusses however...

The ATAPI solution would be ok, I guess, but limited to use
with the laptop. If this is cheap and working, then perhaps
an ATAPI card and an associated drive would be our solution.

Any advice is highly appreciated 



-- Project: Killin'rats --

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