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Re: [tlug] Mozilla question

On Wednesday 05 February 2003 11:11, Katsuhiko Momoi wrote:
> It's possible that the Bookmarks file has been corrupted somehow.
> You might create a new profile and see if that brings back the Personal
> Tool Bar folder. If this works, and if you have an UTF-8 editor, you
> might repair the original Bookmarks file or copy/paste the entries from
> the original Bookmarks file into your new one.
> - Kat
> Jim Breen wrote:
> >Any Mozilla gurus?
> >
> >A funny thing has just happened. The drop-down list when I click on
> >"Bookmarks" no longer shows my "Personal Toolbar Folder". That "folder"
> >is still there - I can see it in the bookmarks.html file, and it is there
> >on the toolbar - it's just missing from the "folder" list when I look at
> >or try and edit my bookmarks.
> >
> >Any ideas on how to bring it back into view?
> >
> >Jim

I say just fizzle around with bookmarks.html. Is this listing in the 
book*.html file a link to another file (<a href=foo>)? Or is it a heirarchy 
within the file itself? Are you running Netscape on this box? Can you see 
this folder with Netscape? Have you tried making any "new" folders? Tried 
duplicating your folder within the html file? Made sure the html code is 
sound? Do you know where I could get a valium? Do I ask too many questions?
Hope something there sparks something in your head.

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