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Re: [tlug] What is the best one?

On Wed, Mar 27, 2002 at 11:20:01PM +0900, Scott McLennan wrote:
> So there is Mandrake, Debian and Redhat.
> What is the best one? 
> Are they all basically the same?
> I'm always asking about Redhat and bought
> Debian some time back. I used vine a lot
> on one project. What's the best one I wonder?

To answer that question, I would need to know what
problem you are trying to solve.

<debian plug>
If you are looking to learn linux and you must use a
linux distribution, then I would recommend Debian
GNU/Linux over any other distribution.

If you're looking to create a production server, then I'd
recommend Debian running a XFS filesystem[1] over any
other linux distribution and filesystem combination. 
</debian plug>

IMO, if you're looking for a distribution that would allow
for a non-computer enthusiast to easily install linux,
then Mandrake or RedHat would suffice.

-- Uva

[1] Debian GNU/Linux w/XFS boot disks can be found at:

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