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Re: [tlug] Text mode screen is too big

On Thu, 28 Mar 2002 15:18:01 +0900
Matt Doughty <> wrote:

> You probably need to enable support in the kernel first, and then you can
> then either be prompt at a boot for prefered resolution via boot loader
> options. I have only done this with a matrox card however, and not recently
> so there may be something I am overlooking.

Thanks.  I tried it out and the results are...

My boot loader is lilo.  In /etc/lilo.conf I changed the image entry to:


(The vga=ask tells lilo to ask which vga mode you want.)
I then did a quick:
/sbin/lilo -v
and rebooted.

At first it comes up with a list of 80 column options (which I assume are the same for all video cards).  You can select one of them or type 'scan'.  The screen goes dark for a frightening few seconds before returning with a longer list (in my case) of 'column x row' sizes.  You select the number you want and then it boots up in the new text mode.

When you find one you like (132 columns is pretty ugly on my machine) you can change the image entry to vga=<number>  where <number> is the number of the video mode you want to use (not forgetting to run /sbin/lilo again).

Does anyone know of an easier way than this?  It seems a bit drastic to have to reboot just to change the video mode (and I assume X does it without too many problems).

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