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Re: [tlug] What is the best one?

On Wed, 2002-03-27 at 09:20, Scott McLennan wrote:
> So there is Mandrake, Debian and Redhat.
> What is the best one? 
> Are they all basically the same?
> I'm always asking about Redhat and bought
> Debian some time back. I used vine a lot
> on one project. What's the best one I wonder?

Let me ask an equivalent question before giving you my take:

Which is better, emacs or vi?

Asking *nix users that question is sure to provoke a holy war. Asking
Linux users the above question tends to do the same.

So here is my answer: whichever works best for you. For instance, I am a
loyal Redhat user, so Redhat is the "best" distro from my point of view
because I know where most everything is and thus I am pretty efficient
when using RH. I think that all of the major distros have their good and
bad points: Redhat and (even more so) Mandrake have focused on
ease-of-use (and ease-of-installation), and in some places, this has
broken stuff. Debian is the "pure" distro... has a pretty k-a package
management system ("apt-get a real distro" is a common quote of Debian
users). Such distros as Sorcerer and Gentoo try to combat bloat by being
completely source-based.

In short, play around and decide which *you* like best. There is a
pretty good site called DistroWatch that has a lot of comparison data
for the different flavours of Linux. Check it out:

Happy hacking.

Josh Glover <>

Computer Science Undergrad
"No segfault, no problem!"

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