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Re: [tlug] broken cron?

Tod McQuillin wrote:

>On Sun, 24 Mar 2002, Sven Simon wrote:
>>Nope, the master's at /etc/crontab which is copied over to
>>/var/cron/tabs/root by running crontab -u root /etc/crontab.
>This is the problem.
>cron reads both /etc/crontab and the files under /var/cron/tabs.  The
>/etc/crontab file uses a different format than the /var/cron/tabs files
>because it has to specify the username to run as.  The /var/cron/tabs
>files specify the username by their filename.
>>Any ideas as to how it is supposed to run normally?
>In a default FreeBSD install, there is no /var/cron/tabs/root file.
>All of root's crontab entries are in /etc/crontab.
Ah, I see. So, it'd be save to just get rid of /var/cron/tabs/root? Will
give it a go, thanks!


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