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Re: [tlug] Badhostname

Thanks got it fix!
by dropping the machine name such and leaving then adding the DNS-server information back into the system... 

Once again Thank you for the input.

日曜日 24 3月 2002 11:58、Sven Simon さんは書きました:
> Eric O. Flores wrote:
> >Tlug,
> >
> >I am getting a badhostanme during bootup by lpd.  I try several approaches
> >but none of them seem to fix the problem, such as feedling with the hosts
> >files and hostname command.
> >
> >Can anyone out there put me on the right direction?
> >
> >Thanks in advance.
> Did you make sure your resolve order is set to look at the hosts file first
> before bind and that you put your hostname in said file?
> Sven

Eric O. Flores
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