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Re: [tlug] linux on pda

On Friday 22 March 2002 11:03 am, Diverso wrote:
> hi!
> i'd like to buy a pda and run linux on it, but i'm having a hard time
> choosing. therefore i would like to make a list of pda together with two or
> three attributes that are important for my purposes (use it as a remote
> control). so, this is an email to everybody who's got a pda /with linux
> running on it/, wishing to get an answer to the following questions:
> 1) brand/name of pda
Compaq iPAQ 3600
> 2) can i run x-server on it?
Running X, BlackBox, IceWM, and a bunch of app.
> 3) weight
6.7 oz.
> 4) operating time with full batteries
Compaq claims 12hs my experience 7hs
> 5) to recharge the batteries do i have to put the pda onto a socket, or can
> i simply plug in a cable (that might come from an ac adapter)?

Both ways are possible

I've been looking around and found that, if you don't want to spend so much 
figuring out how to install linux, this is the best choice since there is a 
lot on the web about it ....


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