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Re: [tlug] End of StarSuite and StarOffice beta

On Thu, 2002-03-21 at 10:58, Tony Laszlo wrote:

> When I downloaded OpenOffice several months ago, I couldn't get it to 
> work with Japanese (despite helpful pointers from Tluggers). 
> StarSuite was relatively straightforward, by comparison. Anyone 
> (successfully) using OpenOffice with Japanese? 

I have read in a couple of different articles that one of the major
differences between OO and SO is that the latter will provide much wider
East Asian language support. I will be curious to see about this when
the official version of SO is released.

I have been using OO641 for about two months, and I can input Japanese
in Mandrake 8.1 if I am in Japanese locale, pretty much the same as with
other applications--meaning that the IME itself is kind of primitive,
but there is no special problem with 00 itself.



Charles Muller
Toyo Gakuen University

Digital Dictionary of Buddhism and CJK-English Dictionary

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