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[tlug] linux on pda


i'd like to buy a pda and run linux on it, but i'm having a hard time
choosing. therefore i would like to make a list of pda together with two or
three attributes that are important for my purposes (use it as a remote
control). so, this is an email to everybody who's got a pda /with linux
running on it/, wishing to get an answer to the following questions:

1) brand/name of pda
2) can i run x-server on it?
3) weight
4) operating time with full batteries
5) to recharge the batteries do i have to put the pda onto a socket, or can
i simply plug in a cable (that might come from an ac adapter)?

thanks to everybody who takes the time to contribute some information.
should other people be interested, i will post the final list.

thanks again


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