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Re: [tlug] UNIX backup solution

USB is quite slow!
I was using a USB harddisk and gave on this!
The latest I did was to insert the hard disk (remobable IDE Box) into the 
system as part of the file system that works quit fast.  The only item is I 
am not sure if I can remove it from the system as you describe a hotswappable.

??? 22 3? 2002 08:14?Josh Glover ????????:
> I was looking around for a better backup solution than tape, and it
> struck me that USB might fit the bill. What I need is some removeable
> media device with 20 gb capacity. I was orginally leaning toward
> removeable IDE or SCSI, but they would have to be hotswappable, as well.
> So that made me think of USB. A few 20 gb USB hard drives would seem to
> fit the bill. They are relatively inexpensive, hotswappable, and could
> be taken offsite.
> Any comments? Anybody using USB hard drives with Linux and have a
> recommendation?

Eric O. Flores
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