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Re: [tlug] Linux & NT domains

> possible, but not easy. the keyword is 'winbind'

Thanks for replies to this. We couldn't get winbind working (actually we
got it working in the sense the connection test program worked from the
commandline, but it stopped us being able to connect to samba on that
machine), but found another script that creates users automatically on
linux as they login to the domain, which is good enough.

It seems the Mac users need accounts on Linux anyway.


> > We've a linux-samba file server set-up (*), an old NT4 file server, and
> > an NT4 domain server. I want to be able to move the old NT4 files over
> > to the new file server but:
> > 
> >   a) use user information in the NT4 domain; not have to create lots of
> > user accounts on the linux machine (i.e. same information in two places
> > == maitenance problem).
> > 
> >   b) preserve current ownership and permissions.
> > 
> > Are both these things possible? If so, what parts of the samba
> > documentation should I be looking at? Or what are the keywords I should
> > be searching on?
> > 
> > Darren
> > 
> > *: Thanks for the appletalk help a while back - it seems to work :-).
> > 

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