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Re: [tlug] PATH statement and running executables

Charles Muller wrote:

> My system has a two of these files, one in my home directory, and another in
> /etc/skel.
> But neither of these have a PATH statement. Is this odd? Should I, and can
> I, add a path statement to these files to bring about the effect of making
> an executable file run from the console without having to switch
> directories?

It pretty much distribution dependent, system wide $PATH is usually in
/etc/profile or /etc/bashrc

> More specifically, I am using OpenOffice build 641, and every time I want to
> run it, I have to change directories to OpenOffice.org641 and then type
> ./soffice (it will not run without the ./).

You have a couple of choices how you can solve this.
Add the lines
export PATH
to your $HOME/.bash_profile

Or put a symlink to it that lies in your path, or use an alias.

By the way, does OO641 support system wide install?
Installing that beast in every home (build 639) is quite a waste of diskspace.


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