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[tlug] PATH statement and running executables

Every Linux book I've looked at has a bit on the PATH statement (such as
PATH="/usr/bin ...) etc. to be found in my .bashrc file.

My system has a two of these files, one in my home directory, and another in

But neither of these have a PATH statement. Is this odd? Should I, and can
I, add a path statement to these files to bring about the effect of making
an executable file run from the console without having to switch

More specifically, I am using OpenOffice build 641, and every time I want to
run it, I have to change directories to OpenOffice.org641 and then type
./soffice (it will not run without the ./). I would like to simplify this
procedure a bit if I can, and I understood that I could either make an alias
in my .bashrc file or include OpenOffice in the PATH statement. So, in
effect, I am asking multiple questions, but I suspect that many of the
expert people on this list will understand the point very quickly.




Charles Muller

Toyo Gakuen University
Digital Dictionary of Buddhism and CJK-English Dictionary

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