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Re: [tlug] A few SPAM questions...

On Thu, Mar 07, 2002 at 09:53:44PM +1100, Jim Breen wrote:
> [David Santinoli (Re: [tlug] A few SPAM questions...) writes:]
> >> 
> >> Curiously, the messages' charsets are almost always iso-8859-1 or plain
> >> ASCII.  I very rarely receive spam in non-Western languages.
> Lucky you. I get about 10 spams a day in each of Chinese and Korean,
> plus one in Japanese about once every two days.

Well, I've some other idea of "luck" than to receive spam in a comprehensible
language :-)

> I have decided that Nigeria is populated by the widows of cabinet
> ministers, all with large quantities of money for me to invest, and that
> China is awash with hydraulic pumps.

As far as the Nigerian tales are concerned, I think this site can raise a
little smile:


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