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[tlug] RH7.2

Thanks for all the partitioning advice. I installed RH7.2 today in the
~15Mb partition on my notebook. I tried manual control of the partition,
but the installation kept failing saying there were disk errors -
possibly not enough space. Finally I gave up and accepted its
allocation, which was to put everything except /boot and swap in one
partition. It then installed  OK. It's curious; I did the Gnome +
Developers installation, i.e. skipped KDE and Games/Amusements, and the
whole installation only took less than 2Gb. Dunno where it was running
out of space.

The installation went quite smoothly; unlike RH6.2 it recognized the
video chipset, installed the PCMCIA OK, didn't freeze in odd places,
etc. The one thing that doesn't work is the sound card, which always
seems to give pain.

One question. I like to start up with several kterms on the first
window. With RH6.2 I could space them around where I wanted them, and it
restarted with them in place. With RH7.2 they start all stacked in the
top LH corner. Is there any way of fixing their locations?



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