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[tlug] Re: partition sizes

From: Chuck Muller

Partition sizing is being discussed on one of the newbies lists I belong to.

One of the resident experts there wrote (for a dual-boot with Windows):

Here is what you probably want

/dev/hda1  FAT32   (Windows ME drive C--called windows_c in linux 
install) 2 G
/dev/hda2  FAT32  (Windows ME drive D -- called windows_d in linux 
install) 8 G
Note that you CAN install windows software to D: drive as easily as C.
/dev/hda3 swap  500 M
/dev/hda5 ext2   mount point /   250 M
/dev/hda6 XFS  mount point /usr  4 G
/dev/hda7 XFS  mount point /var  7G
/dev/hda8 XFS  mount point /home 6G
/dev/hda9 XFS mount point /opt 2G

I gave you inflated /var and /home partitions because you may find those 
expanding.  The /opt is where commercial programs are supposed to 
install themselves, if they adhere to linux standards.


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