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Re: [tlug] A few SPAM questions...

> > That would be qmail. ...
> > 
> > One thing that makes my life much easier is compiling whatever it is on
> > one machine and just installing the binaries on the rest.
> That is correct, you are not allowed to redistribute without DJB's
> permission... 

At which point, "Why bother?" seems a reasonable question. Exim is
powerful (*) and has a standard GPL license.

I don't know about others, but the first thing I do when evaluating
software is look at the license. If it isn't GPL or BSD the next thing I
do is look for an alternative, and only come back if I can't find one
and I need whatever it is badly enough.


*: I've only read a few chapters, so take this with a grain of salt, but
the O'Reilly Exim book is recommended: much clearer than trying to learn
the system from the online documentation.

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