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Re: [tlug] A few SPAM questions...

David Santinoli ( wrote:

> 30% Korea (especially from educational institutions like schools)

Do you mean 30% of the spam you get comes from Korea, or comes
through Korea (that is, the open relay is in Korea)?  Here (GOL),
probably 75% of the spam we see originates in the USA or Canda, 
with the great majority of that being from the United States.
Most of the rest is Japanese-langauge spam, and there are trace
amounts of spam in Korean, Chinese, German, Spanish, and once
in a while French or Portuegese, but these are a drop in the

We use ORDB and also have extensive local filters, and most of
the spam that reaches our MXes doesn't get through, but of course,
there is still a lot that does.  Spam filtering is always a game
of catch-up.  Or if your spam comes in a blue can, it's a game
of ketchup (sorry) :-)


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