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Re: [tlug] guide to broadband service

"BABA, Yoshihiko" <> wrote:
> At 22:52 02/02/26 +0900, Stephen Lee wrote:
> >Who has the "guide to broadband service" (or similar title) that was
> >discussed on this list a while ago?  I wouldn't mind updating it if
> >somebody can post a copy.  I think it would be worthwhile to make it a
> >TLUG project and host it on the club's homepage.  Is it possible?
> very good idea, indeed.  can you keep the page updated?

Thanks for those who replied.  It seems that Keith is updating it and
have it up at <>.  I have some other ideas I'd
like to explore, but I'm not sure yet how to approach it. I'll keep
working and come back when I have something ready.


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