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Re: [tlug] networking

What type of  internet connection?
If you've got ISDN or dialup, I'd recommend setting it up with FreeSCO.
If it's ADSL (PPPoE), try the IPCop firewall distro, or a full distro with forwarding enabled.
I'm about to make the switch from ISDN to ADSL, and I'm really going to miss FreeSCO - It's a single-floppy distro, with a lot of great features, though I'll probably set up the gateway box to have a few more stuff, such as a web server or some Samba shares.
For simple connection sharing using a very old box though, freesco cannot be beat...

On Sun, 3 Mar 2002 17:17:49 +0900
Gavin <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have an old fujitsu FM-V DESK POWER SE and I want to use it as a gateway, 
> unlike Mandrake 7.2 and up, it does not have automatic internet sharing 
> setup, where can I go to figure out how to set 7.1 (mandrake for windows) up 
> for internet sharing? Thanks
> Gavin
> Fukushima City

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