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Re: [tlug] Have I been hacked?

[Christopher SEKIYA (Re: [tlug] Have I been hacked?) writes:]
>> > 15:55:51.083588 eth0 > 0:0:0:0:0:0 0:10:a4:11:30:2a 66: > tcp 0 (DF)
>> Huh.  That's not good.

I didn't think so.

Thanks for your suggestions, and also to Jim Tittsler and Mario Luoni
for theirs.

I'll poke a round a off-line to see if I can see what has been infected.

I was intending to do a complete re-installation of a later release,
probably RH7.2, and I think this has just forced my hand.

I am thinking of making a tgz of /home (while off-line), copying it away 
elsewhere (I think I have enough space in the Windblows partition), then
doing a repartition and fresh install. Presumably that would be pretty


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