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Re: [tlug] Backup CD

I know it's not form to follow up a droning post with a response to oneself,
but I have some further info that might actually be useful to someone.

I just tested mc (Midnight Commander) on the jfbterm framebuffer console, in a
vfat partition containing Japanese filenames.  With appropriate options, you
get a complete Japanese environment on the console and the filenames come up
correctly.  Everything seems to work.  Not bad!  This was the last point I was
worried about; but it's definite that we'll be able to offer a fully
functional Japanese filemanager on the console.  It's all pretty concise, so
we can embed the OS with its Japanese environment on the backup disks

The options were:

  mount -t vfat -o codepage=932,iocharset=euc-jp /dev/hda9 /mnt1

  export LANG=ja_JP

  mc -a

Simple, like all good things.


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