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[tlug] Newly compiled Kernel woes

I recently upgraded my kernel to 2.4.17 from the original setup I had wih
RH7.1 (2.4.2?). Since then, I have not been able to get my 3com PCMCIA
ethernet card, or my USB floppy to work or my sound. I have recompiled to
kernel several times thinking I had missed something, but as far as I can
tell I havent. Actually, the first time I compiled it I wasnt having any
problems, but I had forgotten the APM feature, so I compiled it a second
time, and thats when all the problems happened. I have my 3com card loaded
as part of the kernel, it seems to be detecting it as when my kernel is
booting, thelights flash on. However, when I try 'ifup eth0' it says
"delaying eth0 initialization". I also loaded my sound as part of the
kernel, it doesnt work at doesnt even beep anymore. and I cant seem
to mount my USB under /dev/sda....I cant seem to mount it anywhere,although
it actually detects it when I plug it in.
Can anyone offer tips/advice on where I should start looking at how to fix
this ?

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