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[tlug] Backup CD

Dear TLUG,

A fresh copy of the backup CD I'm still a' workin' on can again be
found at:

No version numbers yet, because it still isn't useful for much.  :-)
However, there is progress toward utility with this fresh copy.

Much that's changed is under the hood; there's been some more tidying up in
the way the code attempts to monitor the state of partitions.

There's a LITTLE bit more to show in the front window, too.  I've finally
worked up the courage to allow the script to touch disk files with dd.  The
system should attempt, at the last stage, to create buffer space for creating
backup sets.  If you don't have room, it will let you know and take no action.
If it sees anything that confuses it, it should shy away from touching any
files.  It will only go forward if it looks perfectly safe to do so. I've
been hopelessly paranoid in writing the code, and it's taken an age.  I would
VERY much like to know if it works for other people on other equipment.  But I
have to follow that with the suggestion that, since this has been tried by
exactly one person on exactly one machine, you should probably spin it up on
that freshly-assembled machine in the corner that you haven't gotten around to
installing an OS on yet.  :-)

Once I have this working to back up laptops around here, I'll start tidying up
the interface.  The cute little modules menu has kind of gotten out of hand.


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