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[tlug] Backup CD

Dear everyone at TLUG,

The latest copy of the backup CD has gone up at:

I've done a little more code cleanup, and fixed up the menus with
backtracking navigation and a shell escape.  We are now on the verge of
actually creating backup CDs.  How about that.

Once this is basically functional, I will be keen to have comments on the
way that it has been set up.  The earlier comments come in, the easier it will
be to take them on board, of course.  If I get things set up to my
satisfaction, and then see a message that says something like ...

  "Well, the ding-dong that wrote this mess obviously should have stayed under
  that rock in front of its keyboard.  Even the more curious primates know
  that this kind of thing should be done using the praximotheoxiplex
  algorithm.  Unbelieveable.  Jeez."

... it's not likely to motivate me to change anything.  Not that I'll be
offended.  I'm just lazy and don't like doing things twice.  :-)


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