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[tlug] PC vendors.


First I would like to present myself, I am a french Ph.D. student working as 
a research assistant for NII (国立情報学研究所). I arrived in Tokyo in october, and I 
joined this mailing list a few days ago. I hope to be at Nomikai party in 

I have a legal question, to help friends in France.

In France, it is hard to buy a blank machine from famous PC manufacturers 
(DELL, Compaq...), usually you must buy ms windows with. However, forcing to 
sell a product with an other is illegal in France. Many linux associations 
are fighting to force PC resellers to propose PCs without any OS.

I would like to know if the law in Japan is the same, and if it is easy to 
buy a blank PC from these companies and especially from DELL which is the 

Thank you for spending time to read my email.

Erwan Loisant
Ph.D. student

The grass is always greener on the other side of your sunglasses.

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