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Re: [tlug] what's coming for Linux in the year 2002


Well, in his article written December 31, 2001, he says that one year
earlier, he wrote a piece giving ten predictions for the year 2000.

This time he was making predictions for the year 2002, which means he was
making predictions at the beginning of the year instead of at the end of the

I predict that he will be less accurate this time  ^_^

By the way, in the mornings often I look at the weather predictions on
Infogate.  Infogate's display starts with the prediction for the previous
day, then the prediction for the current day, then the predictions for three
more days.  Sometimes the prediction for the previous day said sunny even
though it rained, sometimes rain even though it was clear, etc.  So,
hindsight doesn't always lead to good predictions  ^_^

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