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Re: [tlug] Gentoo install issue...

On 13:37 2002/01/22 +0900, Jack Morgan wrote
>Scott wrote:
> > Quick note on this---I'm still having trouble on update --world with
> > XFree.  I then, as was suggested, tried to just update Xfree with the r2
> > build (which is a new build Gentoo has) but still having that problem.  So,
>Me too! I didn't have time to look into it more, but will once I get
>tonight. I'm a 2.4.18-pre3 + XFS type so will try removing AGP from
>kernel and Xfree, once it is working. I get caught up on the Opengl
>libs. I'm going to try compiling the tarballs my self in /usr/local/

Yup--that's where it was.  Glibs.

However, also upgraded to X 4.2 on FreeBSD last night, and I'm finding that 
it's not working as well as 4.1 did (on the one box that I have running 
X4.2, so this isn't a very scientific observation).  So, I'm not too 
worried about that one.

 >Also, the sys-apps/shadow and baselayout problem is preventing
 >me from having problem free system.

I haven't done any real upgrading however, save for upgrading the kernel as 
Mr. Robbins suggested, (though I haven't noticed any real speed increase) 
so I was fortunate enough to avoid being hit with the password issue that 
you guys are running into recently.

> > So, you might want to wait a few days on that step  (of update --world)
> > Standard updating seems to be going along without problems, however.
>Good point!
>Having fun at Linux World, Scott ;-)

I get one half day there if I'm lucky.  As I hope to pass out resumes, I 
have to be sure it's not the day that my boss goes there.  :)

Scott who is tired of working in a primarily MS environment where his job 
seems to
consist of mainly saying, 'Hrrm, why don't we reboot that bad boy and see 
what happens?"

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