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RE: [tlug] Newly compiled Kernel woes:defconfig

OK, went home last night and made boot disks, so I could go into rescue
mode. ...the only problem is that it asks me for the image of the RH
image...and it cant detect my PCMCIA cd-rom.....and it wont boot from my RH
CD's on that boots from them fine on my desktop, and on the
laptop my NT disks boot...

I think that I will just try and look on the net and try and find out how to
fix this "unresolved Symbols" problem that I am getting whenever I try to
insmod a module. I think that should fix things up hopefully


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From: Jonathan Q []
Sent: Monday, January 21, 2002 4:47 PM
Subject: Re: [tlug] Newly compiled Kernel woes:defconfig

Don't RH install CDs have a rescue mode?  It's probably not as good
as a real rescue disk set, but you might be able to use it to
mount your filesystems and copy the kernel rpm there.


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