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Re: Penguin cuisines(Re: [tlug] I'm at Linuxcafe now)

> The real linuxcafe is on the 2nd floor.  The TLEC (another tokyo based LUG) guys are now installing linux for Pronto.  
>I had a dinner with them last night.  It was very disappointing in the beginning, but it is getting interesting now.

I see. Well, I can expect something intersting when I visit there next
time and thank TLEC members.
I have not so good impression of some TLEC members, but I don't write on
what was happened between they and I, if I try to describe it, probably
my mind cause some disorders.

> penguin stew sounds a real penguin dish.  how about Gnu stew?

umm...Is it a goat stew?

三輪 佳子 Yoshiko MIWA <>

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