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Re: Penguin cuisines(Re: [tlug] I'm at Linuxcafe now)

At 18:50 02/01/20 +0900, Yoshiko MIWA wrote:
> > I'm at linux cafe right now (1.16pm Sunday).
>Yesterday, I visited there for the first time, and was disappointed a
>little. Because there are not 'penguin stew' or 'roast penguin' in the
>menu. And I also was disappointed that the all PCs are running
>MS-Windows, but I guess that's a result of regard for all Linux

The real linuxcafe is on the 2nd floor.  The TLEC (another tokyo based LUG) guys are now installing linux for Pronto.  I had a dinner with them last night.  It was very disappointing in the beginning, but it is getting interesting now.

>Acrually, I don't want to eat penguin's meat, but I hope Linux Cafe's
>menu something relating with penguin as a joke. I hope beaf stew named
>'penguin stew' or roast chicken named 'roast penguin' next time ;-)

penguin stew sounds a real penguin dish.  how about Gnu stew?

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