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Re: [tlug] Boot Failure with Transplanted HDD was Brain Failure

On Sun, 20 Jan 2002, BOTi wrote:

> Can you mount the partition on the new drive from the old box?

  This was the right question to ask alright.  Stupidly, I hadn't
tried doing this.  When I did look at the partition with 'fdisk',
I discovered that, although it was occupying the first 508 cylinders
of the HDD, it had ended up as /dev/sda3 after I added a couple more
partitions to the disk.  'fdisk' duly notes that "Partition table
entries are not in disk order".  Interestingly, even deleting the
other partitions doesn't change this at all.  The result is an HDD
with the single partition /dev/sda3.  I wouldn't have thought this was

  Anyhow, this'll teach me to beware of Windopey software like Partition
Magic and remind me to try and remember to use my increasingly non-
functional brain a little more.

  Sorry to have bothered you all with this red herring.

  Cheers, Dennis

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