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[tlug] UUCP and wireless PDAs

I've been spending the afternoon setting up a development
box (linux) to hack visors. I was thinking of setting up 
a UUCP server to eventually use to download mail and files 
to a PDA. This brings me to ask a question. Is anyone 
interested in joining/setting up a UUCP network here in Japan?
Linux and *BSD machines excel at providing this long forgotten

Yeah, I can hear it now. "UUCP are you nuts?" Well, I 
suppose I'm a little melancholy for the old days. But
there's nothing like working with outdated modes of
communication. Plus it sounds like fun to me. Of course, 
anyone from a dial-up to a DSL connection can participate,
otherwise disregard my idea. 

-- Uva

P.S. - If I were really a nut I suggest setting up Kermit
servers. I still have a C-Kermit book around the house

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