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Re: [tlug] Linux ebooks

you are most welcome. ^_^

Also, I agree with you, that ebook is usefull; it is the company that 
made is "evil" (adobe) :P

It is like "guns don't kills ppl.; ppl. kills ppl." ^_^;

just my 2 cents

Uva Coder wrote:

>On Sat, Jan 19, 2002 at 05:01:47PM -0800, roy lo wrote:
>>Why ebook? adobe is evil. (think of dimitry)
>>anyway, if you are talking about online doc. instead of the actual "ebook"
>>the follows is good (but I assume you might have read them all; already)
>I work in an environment where personal laptops and media
>are forbidden, with the exception of pilots and visors. :-/
>Regardless of the controvery surrounding ebooks, ebooks are
>useful. Anything useful is good, otherwise it lacks utility
>and is bad.[1]  Granted if there were an open source solution 
>to ebook(adobe), I would choose the open source solution.
>Thanks for the link. This is a good place for ideas.
>-- Uva
>[1] As for good and evil of a matter, check out "Beyond Good 
>and Evil" (1886) by Friedrich Nietzsche. It is an interesting
>read to say the least.

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