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Re: [tlug] Boot Failure with Transplanted HDD

Not sure about other stuff; but 8139too had some problem; do you mind 
telling us which release of kernel are you running?

(here is an old solution for the old kernel)

--- ./drivers/net/8139too.c.wrong Thu Dec 28 19:39:18 2000
+++ ./drivers/net/8139too.c Thu Dec 28 19:39:26 2000
@@ -536,7 +536,6 @@
MODULE_DESCRIPTION ("RealTek RTL-8139 Fast Ethernet driver");
MODULE_PARM (multicast_filter_limit, "i");
MODULE_PARM (max_interrupt_work, "i");
-MODULE_PARM (debug, "i");
MODULE_PARM (media, "1-" __MODULE_STRING(8) "i");

static int read_eeprom (void *ioaddr, int location, int addr_len);


Dennis McMurchy wrote:

>  Hi All,
>  I just resubscribed to the list for the first time in ages - just
>hadn't had the time to keep up with it lately.
>  I have a problem recently that I've seen a number of times over the
>years and never got around to resolving.  Actually, I'm _almost_ sure
>that I've used the same procedure successfully in the past. Anyway,
>here are the details:
>  I have two virtually identical machines.  I copy my working LiGnux
>partition (yes, I know I should use more than one!) onto a spare HDD,
>plug it into the spare machine and boot it from the same boot floppy
>that will boot up my working LiGnux partition when necessary.  Of course,
>I'm taking care to ensure that the mirrored partition ends up also
>being /dev/sda1 on the spare HDD.  (For completeness, I should probably
>mention that I'm using Partition Magic 5 rather than 'dd' to do the
>partition mirroring - apologies to purists).
>  The boot starts up just fine, the (SCSI) HDD is correctly recognized
>and everything is going great up to and including the partition check,
>but the first attempt to actually read from the HDD results in failure.
>This is what that looks like (painstakingly transcribed manually):
>	<snip>
>	Attached ascsi disk sda at scsi0, channel 0, id 1, lun 0
>	(scsi 1:0:1:0) Synchronous at 80.0 Mbyte/sec, offset 30.
>	SCSI device sda: 17916240 512-byte hdwr sectors (9173 MB)
>	Partition check:
>	 sda: sda1 < sda5 > sda2 sda3
>	Loading 8139too module
>	/lib/8139too.o: init_module: No such device
>	Hint: insmod errors can be caused by incorrect module parameters,/
>	including invalid IO or IRQ parameters
>	ERROR: /bin/insmod exited abnormally!
>	attempt to access beyond end of device
>	08:01: rw=8, want=2, limit=1
>	EXT2-fs: unable to read superblock
>	attempt to access beyond end of device
>	08:01: rw=8, want=33, limit=1
>	isofs_read_super: bread failed, dev=08:01, iso_blknum=16, block=32
>	Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 08:01
>  I hope someone has some idea how to get around this glitch.  Since
>this sort of strategy is the only convenient way to keep my machine in
>Canada in sync with the one I use here, this is of more than just
>academic interest to me.
>   Cheers, PuzzledinChinatown

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