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Re: [tlug] gjiten 1.0

Stuart Luppescu wrote:

> Very nice. I've always been a big fan of gjiten.

Thanks ;)

> However, the RPM for
> version 1.0 requires libsafe.

The package was made under mandrake 8.0
Actually gjiten is not linked against libsafe, so it must be a dependency of
a dependency. RPM is getting it when calculating the dependencies.
I still need to do something about this, but imho mandrake is screwed up,
because libsafe is not installed by default.
And strangely it runs perfectly after installing with the --depends option.
Though I did the same thing, installed libsafe2. And it took me a whole day
to find out that vmware2 segfaults if libsafe is installed...

Sorry about this.


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