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Re: [tlug] Linux ebooks

The docs for FreeBSD are also quite good:


--- roy lo <> wrote:
> Why ebook? adobe is evil. (think of dimitry)
> anyway, if you are talking about online doc. instead of the actual
> "ebook"
> the follows is good (but I assume you might have read them all;
> already)
> Uva Coder wrote:
> >Has anyone ran across any good ebooks for Linux and *BSD?
> >I've seen security checklists and administration ebooks
> >for WinNT. I'm interested in finding something similar
> >for Linux and *BSD.
> >
> ><thinking out loud>
> >If not, then I suppose I have enough spare time to 
> >start writing a few ebooks that would come in handy at
> >work. If there is enough interest I could add our
> >findings and locally created ebooks to a future TLUG
> >CD.
> ></thinking out loud>
> >
> >-- Uva
> >

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