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Re: [tlug] gjiten 1.0

On 土, 2002-01-19 at 05:29, BOTi wrote:
> Hello TLUG,
> I'm proud to announce that version 1.0 of gjiten has been released.
> Source and binary packages are available from
> .
> Debian users can just do `apt-get install gjiten`.

Very nice. I've always been a big fan of gjiten. However, the RPM for
version 1.0 requires libsafe. I installed libsafe-2.0.9 from the Avaya
web site, but when I tried to install gjiten I still got the same
dependency error. I even tried making a link from to (which the install was complaining it couldn't find) but
that didn't work either. I ended up installing with --nodeps, and it
seems to work fine. Even stranger, when I do ldd on gjiten and genxjdx
(which are the only executables I can find in the package listing),
neither of them lists libsafe. I even uninstalled libsafe and gjiten
still runs. おかしいな
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