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Re: Good CJK distro

> available in the unstable distro.  I don't recommend Debian unstable
> right now if you have work to get done; they just upped glibc to 2.2 a
> few weeks ago and X11 to XFree86 4.0.1 a few days ago, and nothing
> works quite right.  I'm rebooting several times a day just to clear
> the kernel's earwax out, so to speak.  (I am running a 2.4 kernel,
> which probably makes life much less simple.

I'm two keystrokes away from starting the debian download. I was going for
the unstable, but what you've said here doesn't sound very good.
Should I get the 2.2 release (aka 'potato') rather then woody ?
Or should I just stick with mandrake? ;-)


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