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Re: debian i586?

ON Mon, Nov 27, 2000 at 11:54:41PM +0900 BOTi wrote...
> I finally decided to install debian. So far I have only found debian
> compiled for i386, but not any higher. Is there a port for i586 or i686
> somwere, like khmm.. Mandrake. I don't feel like recompiling the half
> distro, somebody must have done this already.

Nope, there isn't such a thing a Debian for i586 officially. And there
doesn't exist one I know of.
The topic pops up on the various Debian mailing-lists occasionally but
everybody gets convinced, that it is not worth the effort and disk

- Basically for 95% of the apps, compiling for i586 brings no gain
- the performance penalty of i586 binaries running on i{3,4}86 is huge
  even if they run
- even in the apps that have a gain, it's not very big, those that need
  it and can take advantage bring their on optimizations, like 
  RC5-cracking and gogo the MP3 encoder.
- it's not worth the effort and disk space. Could be better used to port
  different architecturs


	Oliver M. Bolzer

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