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Re: debian i586?

Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

> libc now comes in -586 and -686 optimized versions in woody.
But it's not enough for me. XFree, and a few other packages need to be

>     >> somwere, like khmm.. Mandrake.
> Now _there's_ a good reason _not_ to do something.  If Mandrake does
> it, it's got to be harmful.  Do a grep in the archives for "help me",
> and see how often the post mentions "Mandrake".  :-P  Far too often
> for my taste, given its low penetration.
Actually in the early days, when Mandrake was basically just an i586
port of RedHat linux and not much more, this is what has made it a
popular distro IMHO. 
Now that it has all the shiny point&click config tools no wonder so many
newbies started using it. But I'm still using it too, think whatever you
want ;-P
Anyway, you have the right to hate mandrake and start flaming, but it's
not the reason why I pointed out mdk as a i586 distro.

>     >> I don't feel like recompiling the half distro, somebody must
>     >> have done this already.
> Why not recompile only your compute-bound apps, and use the time saved
> to study up on what optimization is, and what it can and can't do?
I thought about it. But if I consider to compile just glibc , XFree,
kernel, and a few other packages, that still would keep me and my box
busy for a day. And it's just not worth the hassle, for me that is.

> Oops, I bet you don't know which of your apps _are_ compute-bound.
You may be right, but not quite.
Anyway, does it hurt to have the whole distro optimized for the
processor i use?

> Well, study that first.
If I did study that, I still had to recompile stuff after....

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