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Re: displaying japanese characters

-> > 
-> > if you want only to run Xconfigurator in English:
If this is what you want, you'll need to:
export LC_ALL=C
  and, (sorry missed this one):

-> Maybe you should actually export LC_ALL=ja_JP (or some other japanese
... not this.

This is what you have now. Do something like 'export | grep LC_'. You'll
find what is your current setting. You want to be able to run some
programs on console without Japanese fonts? I.e you want to see 
_English_ text? Then -- LC_ALL=C, not j*

-> What environment vars do you have set (LANG, LANGUAGE, etc) ?


Most important in this case are LANGUAGE and  LC_MESSAGES. getmessage
will read its messages from proper message catalog. In your case it's
reading from Japanese locale.

-> I had lots of problems with vine linux also. Characters showed up
-> properly when I logged in via XDM, but not when I started X from the
-> console.
-> B0Ti.
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