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Re: displaying japanese characters

>>>>> "B0Ti" == B0Ti  <> writes:

    B0Ti> The original question by Hector was: "How can I change the
    B0Ti> settings in order to be able to show the japanese
    B0Ti> characters?"

    B0Ti> Or am I missing something?

Assuming competent internationalization[1], the English catalog should
always be available as the hard-coded default, and the Japanese will
be invoked by setting LANG to a ja locale.  Vine Linux being
advertised for its Japan localization, it seems logical to guess at
LANG=ja right off the bat.

Further, the fact that he's getting mojibake indicates that Japanese
_is_ being sent to the display, and therefore LANG=ja, but the display
can't handle it.  Thus my suggestion to get kon (fixing the display)
and Dmytro's to use LANG=C (dumbing down the output so the display can
handle it).  Hector, of course, has already demonstrated his ability
to understand English by posting to this list, no interface
incompatibility there.

>>>>> "cs" == Christopher SEKIYA <> writes:

    cs> On Tue, Nov 28, 2000 at 06:11:05PM +0900, B0Ti wrote:

    >> "How can I change the settings in order to be able to show the
    >> japanese characters?"

    cs> There should be _no_ settings in XF86Config that affect the
    cs> ability to display Japanese fonts.

Now, now, Kayote-chan, ochitsukinasai.

Nobody is talking about X, here, are we:

>>>>> "Hector" == Hector Akamine <> writes:

    Hector> I am using Linux Vine 2.0, and have problem displaying
    Hector> japanese fonts in the console (before loading X)


PNG image

[1]  Always a stretch, unfortunately.  Especially so for Japanese.  :-(

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