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Re: DSL In Tokyo

Thanks simon!

I read somewhere that NTT will be providing  flat-rate DSL services at
JPY5,000 a month in Tokyo in December.

does anyone know anymore about this?

Simon Cozens wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 27, 2000 at 10:38:32AM +0900, Antony Stace wrote:
> > I remember a while back a bit of a discussion on DSL in Tokyo and had a
> > brief look at a FAQ someone was constructing at the time.  Now I cant
> > find that FAQ,  can someone please tell me where it is.  In addition to
> > this is there any general ISP FAQ for Tokyo anywhere in English?
> It's on my hard disk. :)
> ----------
>         Tokyo High Speed Internet FAQ
> 1.0 About this FAQ
> 2.0 ISDN
> 3.0 OCN
> OCN is a service offered by NTT; it looks like ISDN, smells like ISDN,
> and requires an ISDN terminal adapter, but it isn't ISDN. It's an
> unmetered, statically allocated digital service, and comes in three
> flavours: Economy is probably the one you want, but a misnomer at
> 32,000Y a month.
> This'll give you a 128kbps line which is shared between the other OCN
> subscribers at your local exchange. Naturally, your actual download
> rates will vary depending on how many other subscribers are on your
> exchange and their bandwidth usage. Personally, I had this service in
> Jiyugaoka and managed to almost always get the full bandwidth, with
> downloads averaging around 10 kilobytes/s.
> The economy service will give you 16 IP addresses, so to use them you'll
> either need a router or a clever Linux box. To connect to OCN with
> Linux, just use pppd and have it go off hook with "ATDT0" or similar.
> Now, with ADSL approaching, I'd say the only reasons for getting OCN is
> that you can run services freely, and that it's available pretty much
> everywhere.
> 4.0 ADSL
> If you live in one of the following areas:
>     Kayaba-Kabuto (Chuo-ku)
>     Aoyama (Minato-ku)
>     Mita (Minato-ku)
>     Yotsuya (Shinjuku-ku)
>     Yodobashi (Shinjuku-ku)
>     Ikebukuro (Toshima-ku)
> you're greatly in luck - it's likely there'll be an ADSL service available
> to you. As the ASDL rollout continues, we can expect this list to grow.
> As far as providers:
>     4.1 NTT-ME
> This is an ADSL service offered by NTT: it comes in two brands,
> the "Personal" service and the "Professional".
> The Personal service gives you one IP address at 6,890Y per
> month. The Professional service is 26,400Y a month, but gives
> you 13 IP addresses, your own domain, primary DNS and all the
> trimmings.
> Ayako Kato reports:
>    The speed they advertise is 512Kbps downstream, 224Kbps upstream for this
>    "personal" service I use. I usually get up to 40 - 50KB/s down at night,
>    which is not bad at all. I was told it may be slower during daytime, but
>    I'm never home during the day anyway. I have never felt anything was
>    "slow" since I started using it.
>    There isn't any filter that block incoming traffic to ports < 1024. I have
>    a few ports open on the gateway box but have never had problems reaching
>    them from outside. (Configuring them correctly is a different issue. A few
>    very skilled people helped me set things up and gave me tons of advice.
>    Thanks Chris. :) )
>    I can see that a lot of my neighbours (IP-address wise) are running Linux
>    and have various services enabled, ... http, ftp and even telnet(!!).
>     4.2 Tokyo Metallic
> Tokyo Metallic ( offer a "Single 640" plan at
> 5,500Y. While the address is theoretically dynamically allocated, it
> seems not to change and is probably static DHCP. It used to be translated
> using NAT so you couldn't connect to it from outside, but now they are
> using real-world IP addresses; however, the DSL gateway they supply appears
> to block well-known ports, so running servers from this is not an option.
> (unless you want to run them on weird ports...)
> According to Johnathan Shore:
>     BTW, their service is excellent - have found that it delivers the
>     advertised bandwidth (unlike many installations in the US).  I
>     regularly get ~70KB/s on the 640, though you'll find that there are
>     many places on the wan that cannot even sustain that.
> Their "business plan" is an SDSL which allows you to run servers is
> 32,000Y a month. (More information about this would be appreciated!)
> 5.0 Cable Modem
>     5.1 Tokyu Cable
> They use some sort of IP masquerading so that hosts inside their
> net can not be seeing from outside. UDP packets are blocked at
> the gateway. IP addresses assigned by DHCP are in the private
> address space. Their own Internet connection is provided by IIJ
> through a 100Mbps link. Internally, they have a 622Mbps ATM
> backbone connecting their 6 re-broadcasting stations. Bandwidth
> from these stations to the cable modem is said to be 14.3Mbps
> (the cable modem rental fee is included in the service, 5200 yen
> per month, or 7000 yen/month for the Internet+CATV service --
> CATV alone is 3800 yen/month). The cable modem brand is "Terayon"
> A hub can be connected to it, allowing more than one computer
> to be on the net (they all get their IP addresses by DHCP).
> [Thanks, Alberto!]
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