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Re: RedHat Install on Vaio Z505CR/K fails - HELP!

    Phil> When I reboot, I just get a blank screen with "Missing
    Phil> Operating System".
   st> Presumably this is a message from the BIOS, which is not finding
   st> anything executable in the boot sector.  One possibility is that for
   st> some reason LILO isn't installing the boot sector (seems unlikely, but
   st> it's possible).

Does the BIOS have some "anti virus" mode that simply throws
away writes to the boot sector?  (Rather a reach.)

Do you still have a DOS/Windows partition?  Perhaps try using LOADLIN
instead of LILO?  (That is how I boot my PCG-1CR... but not
because of problems with LILO, just preference.)

Jim Tittsler, Tokyo   ICQ: 5981586

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