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Re: [OT] email forwarding (no clue)

Jack Morgan ( wrote:

Jack> NAME servers:
Jack>     NS3.CSOFT.NET
Jack>     NS4.CSOFT.NET
Jack>     NS5.CSOFT.NET
Jack> MAIL servers:

Better, but I still don't like to see the same machine running as
an MX and an NS, which they are doing with ns3/mail3.  High-load, 
critical stuff like that should be on different boxes, always.
Two out of three nameservers and one of the MXes are
(probably a /24, not subnetted) and ns4/mail4 are on
(again, probably a non-subnetted /24).

This is at least an acceptable setup subnet-wise, although it
could be improved by adding another nameserver on a third subnet
and getting geographically remote secondary DNS.

A point of greater concern to me in this setup is the dual-duty
nameserver/MX boxes.  Considering the answer they gave Tom, 
cycnical ol' me is wondering if they really have three nameservers
and three MXes, or if it's all really one box with five NICs in it :-)


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